Introducing San Francisco Meetup + July Events Announced!

LyncUG is proud to announce the San Francisco Lync Users Groups!

The San Francisco Lync User Group will be organized by Chad McGreanor, from Extra Team.  Chad is a Lync MCM  who is excited on helping LyncUG bring a west coast presence to our groups.  Please click here to access their new MeetUp site.

Our other groups are also announcing their dates at this time.  This quarter our sessions will be:

SIP Academy

Presented by Audio Codes

This session will include what is SIP, how is SIP used within Microsoft Lync, and a walk-through of many SIP messages you see within logging.

Lync as a PBX Replacement

This session will cover Lync as a PBX replacement including a number of co-existence and migration scenarios and a real life solution review with local members who have successfully made the leap to Lync as a PBX replacement and UC Platform.


We hope that everyone can join us for these meetings.