Summer 2021

While we are still hoping to meet in person later in 2021, due to the continuing challenge of COVID-19 we are going to host another round of National Virtual Meetings for our Q3/Summer Microsoft Teams Users Groups Meetings. These are BYOF (bring your own food) events #sadface.  We’ll have some giveaways, as always! 

We are offering two virtual events this quarter, so you can pick the date and time that works best for you (to register, click on the appropriate link below): 

Here are the details on our sessions:

Session 1 – Operator Connect and Recent Teams Voice Developments

With so many new developments in the Microsoft Teams Voice space, and the arrival of Operator Connect, it only seemed fitting that we have a dedicated session in the “What’s New” fashion for the plethora of Voice-related news.

Session 2 – What’s New in Teams – Non-Voice EditionWith a session dedicated to all the new Voice developments, this session will be the traditional “What’s New” session for all other non-voice updates to the Teams platform. There is SO much news! 

We hope you can join us for one of these meetings. If you have any questions, please email